Warranty Policy

Our warranty covers Melissani M1 Water Purifiers purchased through melissaniwater.com or our Amazon store.

Melissani will cover any manufacturer defects from our water purifiers during the span of the warranty period.

The warranty period is twelve (12) months from shipment date to the first-end user. If a replacement product or part is provided, the remaining warranty period of the original product is assumed.

During the warranty period, Melissani will repair or replace the product or parts of the product that are proven defective due to the manufacturer's workmanship.

Melissani’s warranty does not cover the following:

  • Melissani M1 water purifier issues that result from incorrect use that does not follow the instructions outlined in the product manual.
  • Melissani M1 water purifier issues that arise from modifications, repairs, disassembly, or use with third-party components.
  • Melissani M1 water purifier damages caused by natural calamities (such as earthquake, storm, tornado, flood, etc.) and accidents (fire, force majeure events, etc.).
  • Melissani water purifiers purchased from unauthorized resellers.
  • Melissani water purifiers labelled as Sample, Not For Sale, or As Is.
  • Non-Melissani products even if sold as a bundle with Melissani water purifiers.
  • Water purifier damages caused by third-party service providers that are not authorized by Melissani.
  • Our Melissani M1 models are specifically designed for 110V-120V operation. Please note that if you decide to use the product in a country with 220V-240V voltage standards, any power-related problems that may occur will not be eligible for warranty coverage.

Melissani’s warranty is non-transferable from the original end-user. We reserve the right to refuse warranty coverage due to failure to provide proof of purchase and proof as the original end-user of the product.

For questions or concerns, please reach out to us at contact@melissaniwater.com.